Hiya, I’m Katy. I’ve been running an education network since 2005 but been tinkering with all things Windows since around 1999.

At work we have a hyperconverged Hyper-V cluster and run Windows Server, Windows 10, MEMCM, Intune and Office 365 so I’m mostly going to be posting about things I’ve come across that are weird/unusual, were tricky to solve (with no decent search results to help me) or things I think are interesting and worth writing an article on and sharing. I’m British so I’m going to be spelling things the right way like centre, colour etc, and no I’m not apologising for it! (Ha!)

Besides that I spend a bit of time writing web applications in PHP, CSS etc, Windows forms applications in C# and various scripts in PowerShell.

When I’m not at work, or playing with something technical at home, I’m a massive rollercoaster nut and love walking through forests and also do a lot of DIY.

At home I’ve got a small home lab running Server 2019 Hyper-V which runs my home network and also gets used for testing/learning/development work.

MCSA Server 2016