Hiya, I’m Katy. I’ve been running an education network since 2005 but been tinkering with all things Windows since around 1999.

At work we have a VMWare cluster and run Windows Server, Windows 10, MEMCM and Office 365 so I’m mostly going to be posting about things I’ve come across that are weird/unusual, were tricky to solve (with no decent search results to help me) or things I think are interesting and worth writing an article on and sharing.

Besides that I spend a bit of time writing web applications in PHP, CSS etc, Windows forms applications in C# and various scripts in Powershell.

When I’m not at work, or playing with something technical at home, I’m a massive rollercoaster nut and love walking through forests and also do a lot of DIY. At home I have a VMware server (the free edition of ESXI6) running my home network. The switch/patch panel on the header image is actually from my home network!