I’ve recently started speaking at events so thought it was worth putting together a page that I’ll keep updated with the what/where/when. Hopefully I’ll grow the list of dates and subjects to cover a wide variety in a similar manner to the blog. I have a few ideas for further topics lined up varying from “not very technical” to “in depth full of demos” and hope to get these prepared soon.

If you’re interested in me speaking at your event feel free to get in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn for a chat. I typically do not charge for community events such as user groups when presenting virtually (Teams etc).

Date Subject Event Video Link
26th June 2021 (11am BST) Endpoint Analytics Microsoft User Group, Ghana (Teams)
29th July 2021 (6pm BST) Endpoint Analytics Bradford Cloud User Group (Teams)
14th September 2021 (7pm BST) Endpoint Analytics CloudManagement.Community (Virtual) YouTube Video