Intune Part 1 – Autopilot/Win10

Once the user has put their credentials in they’ll see this screen while all the profiles and apps you’ve configured set themselves up. Neat.

As we plan to move towards 1:1 mobile device deployment I decided to take a look at how this would actually work – I don’t want to be unboxing devices and having my team run each one through an OS Deploy task sequence. Pretty much all our services have moved to the cloud (“My Documents” are in OneDrive, “Shared drives” are in Teams) I thought it’d be a good idea to look at Intune and Autopilot, with the devices being Azure AD domain joined, rather than local AD or hybrid. In this post I’ll go through what I’ve done and how far I’ve got things set up.

As a pre-requisite you’ll need to have either a fully cloud based domain, or have set up AzureAD Connect to sync your user accounts. On our network we have AADConnect syncing the user accounts and ADFS for authentication, with password writeback enabled to support self-service password reset.

My aim here is to be able to hand the sealed box to the end user, for them to unwrap, power up and configure without any intervention from us.

The Intune admin centre can be accessed through the Azure portal, or directly at Continue reading “Intune Part 1 – Autopilot/Win10”