AVD: Getting Started with Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (previously named Windows Virtual Desktop) is exactly as it sounds – a Virtual Desktop solution in Azure! While many of us are familiar with Windows Server Remote Desktop roles, and if we think back far enough – Terminal Services, AVD is an exciting cloud based take on this.

So the first question I think we should tackle is “Why do I need this?” – Why can’t we just use some Server 2022 VMs in Azure running the standard RDS roles – Session hosts, brokers, gateway etc? Well – you can do that if you want, but you’re then paying compute costs for your session hosts, brokers and gateways, setting up a public IP address and opening ports. With AVD the broker and gateway are provided on Azure and they’re free – all you pay is the cost of the Session Host VMs.

Another point here is that with AVD you can use Windows 10 (or 11) Multi-session edition, designed for virtual desktops. No more trying to shoehorn Server with Desktop Experience into place. Continue reading “AVD: Getting Started with Azure Virtual Desktop”