MSIX: Packaging

MSIX is a modern packaging solution designed to separate application and system states, and to be easy to cleanly uninstall. Some of this is performed by redirecting read/write to certain locations to a per-user/per-package folder, which can then cleanly be removed. You can read more on Microsoft docs about what MSIX packages are and how they work on Windows.

In this post I will go through creating an MSIX package and how it can be deployed. In a future post I will also go through MSIX App Attach for Azure Virtual Desktop. Continue reading “MSIX: Packaging”

MSIX: Creating a Code Signing certificate on AD CA

MSIX packages need to be signed for them to be any use. You can get a code signing certificate from various certificate vendors, but if your package is only going to be used on company-managed devices you could use your Active Directory Certification Authority instead. The pre-requisites for this are that you already have AD CA set up, and your CA root certificate is present as a trusted root certificate on all the devices you want to use your MSIX packages on. Continue reading “MSIX: Creating a Code Signing certificate on AD CA”