MEMCM Support Centre

Tools installed as part of the Support Centre

I’m not sure how long it’s been around, but one of the neat things I discovered lately is the Support Centre. The installer for this can be found on your MEMCM server, in the installation directory\tools\SupportCenter.

The Support Centre contains a variety of tools to help troubleshoot all things MEMCM. I’m just going to do a very brief look at it here so the best thing to do is install it and have a look for yourself!

Support Centre

Support Centre also lets you target remote machines, and even specify alternative credentials

The main application – will show you a huge amount of information on either the local or a remote system.

  • Data collection – creates a zip file (which Microsoft are terming a “bundle”) containing things such as client log files, policy configuration, certificates, operating system information and more.
  • Client – this shows you details on the MEMCM client installation – GUIDs, version, site code, management point etc.
  • Policy – All sorts of detail applied on the client. You’ll have to have a look as there’s too much to list really.
  • Content – Lists applications/updates deployed to the client along with installation status
  • Inventory – Shows the details of the hardware/software inventory etc.
  • Troubleshooting – A series of tasks  to verify things such as policy assignments, registration etc
  • Logs – The new log viewer, view any client Config Manager logs.
Content tab – showing us the applications and updates deployed, and their status

Log File Viewer

The same as the Logs tab in the main Support Centre, I find the new log viewer much easier to work with than the older cmtrace.exe. If you’re looking for logs on a remote PC it’s much easier to go through the main Support Centre as that supports connecting to remote devices.

New log viewer gives a fresh interface vs cmtrace

Support Centre Viewer

This tool will allow you to read the zip bundle created during Data Collection in the main Support Centre application, so useful for sending data for other people to analyse or for yourself to look at when the client in question is offline.

View previously saved data bundles with the original client device offline

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