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My Cats

Everyone loves cats right? Let me tell you about my cats!

Suzy is about 9 years old, her favourite activity is standing on her back legs and using her front legs to poke me when I'm sat at the computer chair as a way of demanding I give her treats. It usually works because she is so cute! She's really tiny compared to other cats her age and is a bit of a princess really. Sometimes she quacks like a duck!
Romeo was about 9 years old, sadly he is no longer with us as he had cancer. I want to leave his story here anyway: he's a disabled kitty as he only has 3 legs. He's about twice the size of Suzy and loves attention, he will curl up on your lap for hours. I found him at work (when he had four legs) and assumed he just lived nearby and liked exploring the grounds, used to always see him over night on the CCTV. One day we saw him hopping about with half a leg missing and realised he was actually a stray so we caught him and took him to the vets. It turns out he did live a couple of streets away but had been missing for 18 months, so his leg was amputated properly but his old family didn't want him back - so I rescued him. He's now a very happy boy.
Oreo is about 2 years old, he's already bigger than Suzy. Not sure how big he will end up growing but we might have accidentally adopted a panther.
Poppy is one of mum's cats, she is about 10 years old and loves sleeping (don't all cats?) She looks like her fur is totally black but if you look in the right light it's actually a dark brown.
Sophie is another one of mum's cats. She's usually up to mischief and has a look in her eyes that just shouts out "I'M BEING NAUGHTY!". Very cute though.
Ziggy is another family cat, taken in as a stray after efforts to find her owner failed.

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