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Scripts and projects in PowerShell

PS: Remotely updating devices

Katy Nicholson, 5 October, 2021

Remotely updating devices using PowerShell and the PSWindowsUpdate module

Powershell Remoting

Katy Nicholson, 28 February, 2019

I recently discovered one of my deployment scripts does not work on Win 10 1809 any more (it ran dism to install the dot Net Framework 3.5 - just errors out) however that the powershell version (Add-WindowsCapability) works fine. Had to get this rolled out to a handful of PCs ASAP in order for a legacy application to successfully run. As time was of the essence, I ended up running round the 24 PCs like an idiot, logging on and running the command, but I thought "Why don't I just enable PS Remoting, then I could at least do this from my desk scripted". Obviously the ideal solution would be to deploy the Netfx3 install via SCCM but PS Remoting will still be handy.

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