Project: Short Link Creator

A while ago I wrote a quick shortlink redirection tool, so I could use a custom domain rather than something like Since posting a few of these links quite a few people have asked how I do them and shown interest – so here it is, the project write-up for my Redirect Tool.

As with all my web based projects, it’s PHP and uses my standard “site template” back-end. You’ll need MySQL (or something compatible like MariaDB), and access to the web server configuration files for your virtualhost (Apache) or web site (IIS). Continue reading “Project: Short Link Creator”

Project: Certificate Expiry Notification Tool

Application screenshot
Certificate Expiry Notification Tool main screen

I’ve always hated having to set calendar reminders whenever an SSL certificate or Azure AD App Registration certificate expired. What if you forget to set the reminder? What if you’re off sick and miss it? In most cases missing it means disruption of service for a while, but in some cases – for example some of the Apple certificates/tokens used when managing Apple devices in Intune – missing the renewal means you need to re-enroll all your devices. If you’ve restricted profile removal then you’ll have to factory reset them all too.

I had an idea a while ago for a system to track these, and send reminders, and recently I’ve been working on a system to do just this. There’s many different ways I could have gone about this – PowerShell script, or maybe something in PowerApps/Flow, but I wanted a nice web interface, and my weapon of choice for web development is PHP. 

This project will show you a list of certificates and secrets, along with their expiry date and a status indicator (Expired/Warning/Okay). It will automatically pull any Azure AD App Registrations secrets and certificates, and the Intune Apple VPP tokens, Push Notification and Enrollment Program tokens from the Microsoft Graph API. Email alerts can be configured, which will also use the Graph API to send the mail. Continue reading “Project: Certificate Expiry Notification Tool”