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MFA - Why should I use it?

Katy Nicholson, 21 May, 2022

Surely by now everyone has turned on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as part of their identity protection strategy. Not necessarily - I regularly come across people who have not enabled this crucial feature, usually through the company/institution's management thinking it is not necessary or not worth the hassle. Usually this is followed up with a compromised account sending thousands of emails in an attempt to gather credentials from contacts of the compromised user. I've previously written about Azure Conditional Access and MFA, this post is a more general look at MFA and also covers some of the new Azure MFA features.

Importing Group Policy Objects into Intune

Katy Nicholson, 23 April, 2022

This has to be one of the most requested features for Intune - importing Group Policy Objects. It's now a feature! Currently in public preview, so should be available on most tenants. The way this works is that you export your GPOs from Group Policy Management Console, import them into the Group Policy Analytics and it will determine whether they will work as Intune configuration profiles - by trying to map the GPO settings to the corresponding Configuration Service Provier (CSP) setting, if one exists. You'll be shown a report detailing how much of your policies will be transferable, and which individual settings will or won't work.

Moving the Blog to Azure App Service

Katy Nicholson, 27 February, 2022

I recently moved this blog from WordPress to its current form - a custom PHP site running on Azure App Service. At the back end I decided to store the blog posts as Markdown, as it's relatively easy to edit in any text editor, and I did not want to re-create a rich editor like WordPress has. I also wanted the site to be easy to deploy, if I need to move it or scale up multiple servers, so I decided it should be a (private, for now) GitHub repository. I've already created a template site which is used with my Redirect Tool and Certificate Expiry Tool projects, so it would make sense to extend this.

Intune Remote Help

Katy Nicholson, 21 February, 2022

Remote Help is a new feature of Intune which allows you to remotely help a user. It is based on the Quick Assist tool found in Windows 10 and 11, but with several improvements - both parties need to be logged in with an Azure AD account in your tenant, and the helper can run elevated commands. There is also a RBAC role for controlling what level of access helpers have - e.g. view only or full control, whether they can interact with elevated windows.

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